To Trump Apologists

Any information the madman doesn’t like will be suppressed or ignored. If we let this continue shame on us.

DJT lives in a fantasy world. When will the American people stop babysitting this idiot? Do you really want to live in a Stalinist State?

Are you all going to acquiesce to these willful, self-serving lies?

You listen to the Trump apologists treading water trying to fish out some form of logic to explain his childish behavior. Are you really so invested in this billionaire with a silver spoon firmly stuck up his backside? Do you think this selfish prick has your best interest in mind? Are you crazy?

Perhaps it’s time to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aide? Are you ready to die for this mad man’s escapades?

You can all make yourselves believe that climate change is no big deal and get in you king cab trucks, drive off to the gas station and get your six packs and big gulps but how can you think, for one minute, that American culture is still exceptional?

Cognitive dissonance?

We’ve killed a lot of children around the world in the name of human rights, democracy and of course our God — MONEY. The U.S. taxpayers paid their taxes so we could drop more bombs on Laos than all the tonnage of bombs dropped in World War II. The USA is in debt up to its brain pan because we have the most powerful military in history, not because we have a good healthcare system. If drugs are cheaper in Canada we block their importation and our own people die. Why? Because we are so special.

We’ve created technology that’s just making us stupider and more alienated.

Now we all want to extend the fantasy because we can’t come to terms with our desire to commit collective suicide. Trump is the trigger and the gun is pressed firmly against all of our skulls. Are you going to pull the trigger or wake up?

Google Stalinist Lies

We live in a bad land and it’s not beautiful anymore. Make it right people, make it right.
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