4 Killer design trends for 2017

4 killer Web design trends 2017

Web design is something that is always evolving with new techniques coming out everyday. Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can quickly appear dated.

To get yourself ready for the second part of 2017 i have put together what i think are the four best design trends currently. Now these are all my own opinion and if you don’t agree with them then i would love to hear what you think are the best trends currently.

1) Bold Typography

This is something that is becoming more and more common with more companies turning to bigger and bolder typography for their websites. Now i don’t mean have all your text bold what i am actually talking about is the page headers.

A great example of what i am talking about is the Austin East Cider website who have seamlessly integrated this with there website. Not only does it look clean but it matches the rest of the design and works on drawing in the user right from the get go.

Austin East Cider Website

2) Full Screen slides.

Now this may not be the most recent trend on this list and is in fact something that has been around for awhile now. However, i will say that this is something that is becoming more common as we move further into 2017. So many websites have it now but not all of them do it correctly.

One company that did this very well is Website Store. On their homepage they have a full screen slide which not only looks good but also doesn’t follow the same trend. They have used this space to advertise what they can do with the background image being made up of all their work. I highly recommend you check out the website if you are doing a full screen design.

Website Store


3) More and brighter colors

Throughout 2016 it became more a more common to see sites that follow the minimalism and brutalism color scheme. Now to keep inline with these trends designers had to work harder to make it possible for there personality to come through in their designs.

In a few cases the way this was done was by using brighter, bolder colors and some of these just look fantastic.

Take a look at Asana’s site, not only does it look stunning but it also keeps up with all the latest trends as well. The in your face colors all match perfectly while still looking clean and modern.


4) Card Design

Now this was not something that has really come around this year but its something that is starting to show up more and more often. The social media giant Pinterest was one of the first mainstream websites to adopt this design and since then it has blown up.

The reason the card design is becoming more and more common is because it offers an elegant solution to displaying a large amount of content on one page. With the cards slotting in next to each other you can really optimize the amount of space you take up on one page.

This design is also great for mobile as all of the slides will just slot on top of one another when it’s scaled down.