I own a business that is going to make a huge fortune. Believe me, that is the truth.

I found a great product on LinkedIn, scrolling through my social media on a Sunday afternoon I watched a video. Only about 30 seconds long, it was showing me a product that will become as widely used as the Zip and Velcro.

The point is, my company as I said is going to make a fortune. It’s what I’m going to do with that fortune that drives me. It frustrates the hell out of me that I can’t get there sooner.

The things I'm going to do spring from my life experiences. As a child, as a businessman, as a human being.

I have helped and I intend to help even more, those that have suffered abuse. We might even be able to bring abusers to justice.

In business I have found myself with dishonest partners. Always perform due diligence, no matter how desperate you may be.

It is said that “what hurts you makes you stronger” and that failure is only a lesson to be learned from. Putting that into context, I’m in contention for Worlds strongest Genius.

I’m going to set up a trust fund that will build units for new businesses. The trust will provide rent free periods, mentors, financial assistance.

One of my particular bug bears has always been Match Funding. The trust will buy a share in a business. This will enable funding to come into the company to match the grants available.

Over 3–5 years the company will grow and move through the unit sizes. When they are big enough and profitable enough they will move on and let others come in at the beginning.

They will be able to buy the shareholding back with a low interest rate applied. This will go back into the trust to go around again.

These are just a very few things I aim to do with the fortune we are going to make.

The product, invented by Tim Bourke, who will be known one day as another great American inventor, is called in the US, the Super Rope Cinch. In Europe it is called the What Knot.

What it does is enable anybody at all to use rope without ever tying or untying knots.

What this will do is eradicate the Bungee cord or occy strap these are known to be dangerous and only exist because people can’t and don’t want to learn how to tie knots, they don’t need too.

The beauty of getting rid of bungees is that 1,000s of people every year will keep their eyesight. They won’t be disfigured, they won’t be killed as one 13 year old has been.

Things like the above mean so much to me that I can’t won’t fail. I see all my lessons of the past as learning for my position now and in the future.

It is a big responsibility and many tests have been passed. Many more to come I’m sure. But to be honest, I’m ready for every one of them.

Bring it on!