What a fantastic sight.

We are extremely lucky to be able to see sunsets like this right outside our front door. Every single day nature can either give us fantastic images like these or cloud covered versions. We don’t mind and in fact unless it is a show stopper, take little notice. Walking in and out every day you can become surprisingly immune to what is around you.

This is a winters night with the snow of 2012/13. Fantastic images as I say and yes sometimes they can be ignored.

But when something stands out I grab every chance to be a part of it, even if its just capturing a memory. These are all happening right in front of my face, which means you would never have had the chance to see these. I’m really quite a nice guy and I like sharing.

Here I was driving down the A 303, hurrying on the way back from London. But if I see something that really appeals and I want, as I say, to be part of it, I grab it. None of these images when happening in reality can ever be repeated, they are true one offs.

I hope you see, that I see, what is right in front of me. Right outside my front door. I take notice when its a showstopper and grab it before its gone, I know it will never come around again the same way, ever.

I hope you might also recognise that even when in a hurry and travelling down a major A road home, I take the time to appreciate in this case what was happening behind me or to the side of me. I stopped for a while in a lay by, got out of my warm vehicle and stepped into the cold. I didn’t want the opportunity to just pass by and be forgotten.

As I say I’m quite a nice guy so I’m sharing my good fortune in seeing these sights with you.

Are you willing to grab a once in a lifetime opportunity, to slow down and even stop to look. Move out of your cosy worlds and fast moving lives. Are you willing to see what else I am sharing with you and put right in front of you so it cant be missed.

I want to share part of my business with you. 20% of it for a very small sum in comparison to what it will be worth in 5 yrs. A 10 x ROI is the first opportunity. £150,000 for the chance to gain £1,500,000.

With so many other opportunities to come, once you stop to look and listen.

Ask questions, don’t just read facts and come to your own conclusions without a full history. It’s worth your time, I grabbed it within 20 seconds of seeing it. I know what we can do with it and oh so much more.