History and Society:

The Political Winds of American Populism

By Joseph Horvath

When we are dealing with elections and politics we must understand what levels of our society they encompass. These things are more or less a facade, but the only venue the American populous has towards any sort of change causing catalyst.

The American people must understand that we are dealing with powerful forces unknown and unseen, and not to mention very well entrenched. We like to go back in our current timeline and pinpoint the early 80s and the late 1970s as some sort of major change, and though it was a major change in terms of the previous 30 years. it was not a huge change in the general pattern that we had seen throughout the history of this country.

People are too often looking for a freedom and equality that has yet to exist in this country. They look for the "making america strong again" bullshit when in reality America was only strong in terms of raw industrial and science power. Not strong in terms of safety nets . or economic equality. or racial and sexual equality.

Almost all of those things are a huge issue in this current election. A few of those things are something we made progress towards in the middle of the 20th century, but we found ourselves regressing after the elite ( which had always controlled this country) ramped up their efforts through economic. legislative and propaganda efforts . They simply took back what had been mostly there’s for our entire history.

We as a people are too easily tricked, misguided and divided into certain ideological tendencies. Through these tendencies the elite and shadowed aristocracy learn how to control us and gear the system so that they never have to witness a 1960s cultural and economic equality movement again. A Movement which was largely spurred from the massive economic growth seen due to the destruction that world war 2 had caused for many of the worlds nations.

We must also remember that you had an entire generation of people that had seen the destructive tendencies of uncontrolled and unchecked capitalism. This is what caused a wide acceptance of capital gains taxes being in the 90 percentile. The cheap education, accessible healthcare and livable wages was combination that we had really not seen before in the previous hundred odd years of our country up until that point. What it ended up causing is a maelstrom of events that would lead to the elite and wealthy minded in the country pulling back hard on the reigns in terms of economic and political control. This wasn’t something that would just happen overnight however.

The Powell memo, as it would become known, was the first volley in the war from the aristocracy after they had been losing ground the previous 30 years. They realized and understood that in order to take back the ground they had lost to the workers that it would take an effort that would last decades. It ultimately culminated in shifting the public’s viewpoints towards certain areas such as the welfare state and healthcare. It would also be a boon to the corporate interests reorganizing and taking back the power they had before the 1930s and Roosevelt’s war on the elite.

The moneyed elite made a powerful comeback after the early 1970s, and even before this period we can point to ultra-conservative groups pulling their influence on the public in general.

They have done such a good job at making the public view certain things in a certain way that they made us forget the very history of the parties we seek to elect in the election. Now you have a whole section of the population that would dare label the democrats we see running for office as democrats. Its fucking genius when it comes down to it. By making us forget our own history they were able to mold who we would become in terms of our own viewpoints on everything from the viability of the welfare state to the very definition of the political parties.

This is what we are going up against. I do not think we have the intelligence and determination to organize against such powerful forces. However. electing people who actually seek to level the playing field needs to be a start. Our history is all we have. without that we are nothing, but nameless faceless shadows being molded by those who understand how to shape our identity through the very theft of our history.

Hopefully I am wrong.