Nevermind The Noise: The Revolution Needs You!

  • Nevermind the game is rigged...
  • Nevermind the mindless sycophants
  • Nevermind the corruption
  • Nevermind the easily fact checkable lies
  • Nevermind the establishment has messed with polling places
  • Nevermind they tried to stifle the debate schedule
  • Nevermind the facts that surround the entire media black out of Bernie Sanders Campaign
  • Nevermind the yellow journalism
  • Nevermind the double agents and lobbyists trying to buy the election...

If we show up in YUGE numbers we can win. And if we cannot win... We owe it to ourselves and our revolution to remember all the above and stay #BernieOrBust. We owe it to ourselves to stay the course and not cave in to the same worthless cheaters that stacked the deck to begin with.

A revolution requires sacrifice!

Can I count on you to fight to the end?

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Stay committed! Period.

Apathy and fear are the contaminant and perseverance is the remedy.