Why I love my Mac hardware, and am leaving the software

I’ve been a Mac fan for years. I’ve got over 30 devices in my house, including one on my wrist.

All the stuff works beautifully (there is a big ‘but’ coming at the end of this). Everything just works. Everything lasts a long time. Everything looks beautiful.


The software is getting terrible. I’m not talking about the operating system but the utilities.

Everything works fine until you become a power user, it lets you down.

User Interface

My greatest annoyance is how they are hiding buttons and controls to make the user interface simpler.

It all makes for clean screens and menu’s but impossible to use if you don’t look things up first. Ever tried moving a file within Finder? It defaults to Copy, unless you hold the Option button and then click move when you past. When moving a file requires 20 minutes of research, you know you have a problem.


Won’t let you control the export functions (Facebook is quite particular about how it receives files).

You can’t play easily with the titles and transitions.

You can’t choose which Facebook account to export to (e.g. a page)

It’s designed for people to just upload, edit and save in one of a few pre defined formats.

Mac Mail

Integration with big end programs like salesforce is near impossible.

Syncing Contacts is even harder.

Try Archiving old emails. I want to upload them to the cloud (preferably Gmail), but I can’t. In gmail, everything is searchable, and nothing is on your hard drive. I don’t need a 2009 email on my hard drive, but I might want it if the tax man comes knocking.

Then there are things like trying to include images in an email. Mac still does dumb things like truncating the message after the image or attachment. You have to force attachments to the bottom of the email so it doesn’t cut things off (losing the flow).

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Useless as an ashtray on a motor bike.

Big end pivot tables on Pages are a joke. It’s only good for adding a couple of numbers and doing a simple graph.

Keynote has some nice transitions, but beyond that, it’s terrible for sharing, and just feels loose, yet at the same time constricting.

It’s just so hard to get into the meaty stuff.


I can use exchange calendar on a Mac, but have you ever tried sharing it? You can’t.

Using an exchange server removes a lot of inbuilt functionality, and lets face it, many of us do use exchange.


I love the way Mac photos automatically upload to the cloud. But Google Photos is far superior, and the search capability is amazing. Macs Photos allows me to do things like Photo Booth (who cares) but Google lets me find a photo I took on vacation 5 years ago, in about 3 seconds.

I also can’t handle the way Mac does album, Moments and so on. They still confuse me. I can just throw things at the wall on Google and it finds it.


I love SIRI for dictation. But she’s terrible for finding locations. Time and time again when SIRI fails, I go to Google and Boom. Done.

And why can’t SIRI read back my texts and posts?

I still love my mac but

I still love the hardware, stability and operating system.

But my fear is that it will become like Compaq or HP, or IMB, and just be a maker of hardware, and you know how that ends.

Please give power users some options.

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