Be the bookie, not the boxer.

There is a fight tonight. A boxer will win, and a boxer will lose, but the bookie will win. Be the bookie.

Neither the bookie nor the boxer can fully control the outcome. A boxer has some control, but the bookie has no control at all. Understanding how much control you have is key to knowing how to fight. Because the bookie has no control, the bookie decides not to care who wins. The bookie sets the odds so that regardless of the outcome, the bookie wins.

Win or lose, the boxer is out of commission for a while after a fight. The bookie can go right back to work the next bout. And win that one. And the next.

Now on occasion, there may be a night when you choose to be in the ring, when you care too much about the outcome. When, regardless of how much control you have over the outcome, you cannot be the bookie. You must throw a punch. That’s okay. Give it your all. Win or lose.

But most of the time, when you ask yourself, “Do I need to be the boxer?” The answer can be “No. Be the bookie.”

Image Creative Commons by T K

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