3 Reasons My Facebook Post Went Over 2.8m People Reached

The first time I had a post go over 1M views I really didn’t believe it. I thought something was broken with Facebook’s reporting but the post kept getting likes and shares throughout the day so I knew it was positioned really well. At the time I was managing all the social media accounts for this company called Lighthouse Catholic Media and back then their Facebook page only had about 400,000 likes. I’ve had a couple of posts go over a million views so I figured I’d break down one of them and look at the different steps I took in order put this content in the best possible position to take off.

How did this happen? Well the truth is…I don’t really know. What I do know is that there are certain principles you can put in place to help put your content in the best possible place to succeed. In the case of this post above, there are three things that certainly had a direct affect on this post going viral:

  1. . Tailored for audience — Gotta know your people and what they like. In this case, I knew my audience would be hungry (pun intended) for spiritually enriching content during the Lenten season and leading up to Holy Week. I found content that combined both the Catholic belief in the True Presence of the Eucharist and the Crucified image of Jesus Christ. For you non-Catholics out there…this is basically catnip for a middle-age Catholic audience. Ergo 250,000 likes :)
Cats losing their mind over catnip

2). Timing of the post — The time at which you post is key. In this case, I know that this audience is going to respond best during the post work relaxation time. For me, it’s somewhere around the 5pm timeslot. Timing + tailored content is a recipe for success!

3). A bit of luck — These things take a bit of luck, but as we say in sports: “The good teams always create their own luck.” Same goes with brands on social media. Implement better business practices, consistently grow your platform, and you’ll put yourself in the best possible scenario to have your content go viral.

There are some companies out there like Buzzfeed & Upworthy that specialize in finding “viral” content but even those brands struggle to create original content that sweeps the internet every time. It’s really important to remember that social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Stick to some of these principles I’ve written about previously (see articles below) and you’ll be well on your way to crafting your first viral post!

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