Adwords — How to get started so you can make a bunch of money

Over the past three years, I’ve made over three quarters of a million dollars in Adwords revenue for clients I manage. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing. I was doing nickel and dime bids on words and was running a budget of like fifty bucks a month. At first, I was pumped when I was showing a 200% ROI on my ad-spend but my manager at the time wasn’t satisfied. So I went back to the drawing board and analyzed the heck out of the data and was able to bring up the ROI to about 500%. That’s right, for every $1.00 that I spent I made $5.00 in revenue.

“In the age of the iPhone, the first thing a customer is going to do in their buyer journey is google you.”

Adwords can be daunting task and oftentimes people have no clue where to start.Sometimes you have a take a step back before you can move forward.Here are five easy steps you need to take to prep your adwords campaign before you even set up an account.

1). Go through your website data — Google Analytics is the best place to start. Be sure to study up on what the activity looks like on your site. You’ll want to know what pages on your site are visited the most, what the bounce rates look like, and what the queries are where your website shows up the most.

2). Create a buyer persona — Think about the person you’re trying to reach. What words do they associate with the product, service, or value you provide? Is there any specific lingo that they use that could be used in a google search? You’ll want to exhaust this exercise of knowing everything about this type of person before you can effectively execute an adwords campaign. Here’s a marketing checklist you can use.

3). Market Analysis — You’ll want to do some google searches yourself around your product, service, or value. Make sure you google your competition to show how and when they show up. Check to see if they’ve missed anything or left themselves exposed when it comes to search engine traffic.

4). Write out your ads — Once you’ve completed steps 1–3, you’re ready to write your ads. Before you get started, be sure to read up on what type of ad you want to use and what the character limits are if you choose to go with text ads (use acharacter counter).

5). Plan out your keywords — When it comes to keywords, there are two approaches. Either you pick really, really trafficked words and spend a fortune to go head-to-head with everyone in the space or you can craft long-tail keywordsthat are specific to your audience and the product/service you provide. (NOTE: My opinion is that you’re going to want to invest in long-tail keywords rather than short, highly trafficked words).

Pro Tip: If you’re a 501(c)3, then get yourself signed up for a Adwords Grantfrom google. They have different rules on how you bid on keywords and what you can bid on but at the end of the day it’s free money (up to $10,000 per month) so it’s definitely worth the try.

In the age of the iPhone, the first thing a customer is going to do in their buyer journey is google you. You can control and situate your brand within a google search if you take the time to research and plan out an effective adwords campaign. It works for my clients and it can certainly work for you.

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