Successful business leaders know that it is crucial for every employee to feel like a valued member of the team. And employers can show their appreciation in many different ways — from office parties to lunches, from motivational seminars to weekly games. These are necessary investments to ensure the effectiveness of a workforce. But there are even more long-lasting improvements that businesses can make to motivate a team.

Workspace design is the tangible embodiment of a company’s relationship with itself. In conceptualizing the functionality and flow of any space within an office, management must consider how every detail will impact the employees’ inspiration, motivation, and willingness to work.

From carpeting to furniture to paint, every minute detail of an office’s design has an acute impact on employee morale — remember Tom Hank’s character in Joe Versus The Volcano complaining that he could feel the “zombie lights… sucking the juice out of my eyeball”? Surely no one wants their employees to feel that way about coming in to work.

The design of every workspace should intrinsically create buy-in from the entire team, not drain the staff of its productive energies. Showing empathy with employees through design is the surefire way businesses can increase overall productivity. By creating a welcoming environment, business leaders show that they want the input of each and every team member, which in turn helps the team to collectively invest in the task at hand.

When designing an office, it is important to know what the employees who use the space actually want and need. A workspace has to cater to different kinds of personalities and working styles. While some may appreciate a loud and energetic environment, there are people who would prefer to keep to themselves in order to work properly. Just as no two companies are exactly alike, neither are any two employees. Still, it is possible to create an environment that will simultaneously appeal to everyone. All it takes is an expertise for addressing common factors that can help or hinder varying work habits.

Workspaces must be convenient and comfortable. Everyone in the office needs to be inspired to deliver the most thorough and creative results possible. Every component should be stylish, yet functional. And the overall design should engender a collaborative mindset that asks everyone to contribute their true inner brilliance.

With years of experience working will businesses throughout the greater Connecticut area, Infinity Group knows exactly how to help employers accomplish these goals. Our project consultants will meet with you to understand both your vision and challenges. Our world-class design experts work with you to define exactly how to bring your brand to life. And our project managers will assemble a team of engineers, IT consultants, and construction experts to deliver a flawless finished product.

Every employer wants an all-star team. And every employee wants to work somewhere where they feel welcomed and inspired. No company should let easily-resolved design problems hinder long-term success. This is Infinity Group’s mission: to help businesses give thanks to employees via tangible design considerations, which in turn will have employees showing thankfulness in their work.


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