10 Lessons from My First Year as President and CEO of AJWS
Robert Bank

Interesting obsevations about what you’ve learned in your first year at AJWS about working overseas. You have a few more employees than I had, but I think I had staff in more places overseas. I had five offices in the former Soviet Union countries and five elsewhere for 16 years. I also served in three posts when I was a foreign service officer.

I tell you this becase I too learned a lot in those years, to wit: do not make decisions for them and think you know better than the people you hired (or your predecessor did). Visit them and sit with them and work out the decision with them, influencing them to your/AJWS thinking, but not substituting yours for their judgement. They have to feel, when you leave to return home, that it is their decision, not yours and not indicating that you know more and better than they do.

There are, of course, many more things I would talk to you about after my many years in the foreign assistance endeavor, but feel limited doing so by email.

Please do not think this message intrusive, it is not meant that way.

Steven Ebbin, PhD

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