LOL……what country were you living in?
Atlast Ave

I was living with, and in, the other half of the same country in which you are living. That’s the whole point of my response to the original article. There are two separate points of view in the USA today. We are a nation divided. The richest people on the planet want to create a one world government so they can control production and the distribution of wealth among themselves. George Soros is one of those super-rich people who advocates one world government through social engineering. Obama was his mouthpiece. Being eloquent, handsome, charismatic and black, along with George’s money, were Obama’s ticket to a seat in the White House where he did his master’s bidding for eight years, divide and conquer. The next move in that agenda has been delayed for the moment, and hopefully forever. That would be the importation of millions of troops from outside our borders to finish the “conquer” part of that formula, read muslim refugees. But that’s all part of the story to be continued. As I said, I’m living in the other half of the same nation in which you reside, and I am diametrically opposed to the policies and actions which your half of our nation undertook under Obama, and is continuing to take against Trump.