With the Climate crisis acknowledged as an Emergency by local and national governments, Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESD/GC) is crucial to meeting this challenge.

AoS continues and grows its collaboration with people and organisations to develop practical educational approaches towards ESD/GC.

In the summer we held our third annual workshop developing and delving deeper into embedding ESD/GC with the theme: The practicalities of linking of ESD/GC to the SDG’s.

An important feature of the workshop was that ESD/GC as a pedagogy cannot and some argue must not guarantee the SDG’s as social-economic-environmental outcomes for government directives with the SDG’s acting as measures rather than drivers for education.

In the spring Steve held a pilot Experiential Well Being session for students from Cardiff University’s Cardiff Business School (CBS) drawing on his developing work in Experiential ESD/GC.

followed in the Autumn with an Experiential Sustainable Team Building day for 120 students as part of CBS People and Organisation’s Module which was great fun, relevant and embedded ESD/GC: see the team building video below:


Ron and Steve were pleased to have papers publishing their work by the Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network (Teesnet):

Johnston, R.A.S. (2019) Achieving SDG 4.7 embedding ESD into elementary stage textbooks: lessons from a small Himalayan state. Research in Action Special Issue August 2019 pp. 53–59

England S.P (2019) The Art of Sustainability: An Experiential Approach to ESD/GC.

Research in Action Special Issue August 2019 pp. 60–65


In August Ron gave the keynote opening address for Bridgend College’s Well Being and Sustainability CPD and Steve ran his workshop demonstrating how his approach to ESD/GC can be transferred from outdoor to indoor venues.

Ron has also just completed the first of a series of three short films promoting ecosystem studies as a way of informing actions to address our ever-increasing climate driven environmental crises. More information about this can be found at: https://www.ronjohnstonenvironmentalesd.co.uk/media

So, it’s been a busy year and we’re already planning for 2020 when we must gather all effort to match the Climate Emergency for both current and future generations.

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