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I don’t get the connection between the phenomena of police brutality which is occurring in some American cities and a symbol of national pride, i.e. the national anthem. I mean the federal government has laws that grant equal rights to all of its citizens. The fact that some city governments have poor oversight of its cops does not suggest that the federal system is defective. In other words the problem lies at the local level not in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights Act, etc. Kaepernick is just throwing a damning blanket over the entire country which is inappropriate when federal protections are being ignored by some city’s police departments.

Police training apparently is horribly inadequate and screening of would-be cops is obviously poor when bullies get through the system. But is this the case in every department and is this condition caused by something coming down from the federal level? I think not.

Personally I couldn’t care less about the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem but I just don’t see that the serious problem of bad police officers has anything to do with the idea of “America” if one can look at the country as a concept.

“America” is not the problem. Conservative thinking, prejudice, stereotyping, fear and hate are the problem and these behaviors emanate from individuals not the country’s government.

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