Americans Are Homesick

(I’ve decided to start a new blog series called Morning Musings where I give my candid thoughts on current events. My psychology/self-knowledge writings often go to book projects, so this is a different way of getting some good word out.)

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America is essentially becoming Mexico with a little bit of a Jihadist lemon spritz thrown in. Ann Coulter knows this and so do I. In the past year she had brilliantly summarized much of the experience of Americans who remember America before the extreme demographic shift here, particularly of the last 25 years: Americans are homesick.

South Park has similarly hit upon the homesickness most multi-generational American citizens feel with their “member berries”, little grapes that speak in small voices- reminding their consumers of “Reagan”, “when America was safe”, Spielberg movies, etc.

The culture is shifting as child-unfriendly peoples and their cultures are moving into the United States, displacing white people wracked with White Guilt and the cancer of liberal progressivism. The cultural Communists at the helm, so often NYC and San Francisco based intellectuals, say a repression caused by living in capitalist society is coming undone. The truth is that the repression could only just be beginning.

Given the reality of living in a democratic society, we have two choices at the ballot box:

If Trump is not elected, Ann Coulter warns, “It’s over. We’re going to be homesick for the rest of our lives because America is gone.”

I agree with her whole-heartedly.

‘member when America had a child-caring, high-trust culture?

The culture of summer camps in National Forests, neighborhood BBQ’s on the front lawn, free range children roaming city parks, men and women striving for health and fitness, music and movies with real world heroes, charitable giving and compassion, and wholesome interpersonal values being presented in marketing is on the chopping block.
It could be replaced by anxious whining to Catholic radio ministers about how to punish the 4th born child filling the radio dial, by mainline grocery stores like Safeway adopting halal policies in an effort to appease wildly violent Muslim men, and by a small white contingent in the media filled with nihilism and self-flagellation.

We have a choice. We have someone who will scale back the Big Government program called “Immigration” and require welfare-recipients to have jobs. We also have someone who will massively increase Immigration and lower welfare standards.

If you have at all known me, either in person or through my web presence, I ask that you consider voting for Donald Trump in this election. This is it. There’s no other opportunity for reform. I willing to stake my reputation on the Trump choice.