Judging A Person’s Health Through Social Media

Throughout my public body of work I have generally advocated for an “information diet”. That is to say that I think it serves people to be conscious and judicious of the fundamental messages they’re consuming with the media they choose for themselves. Personally, I strive to choose media that is as packed full of meaning, conviction, purpose, and truth as possible.

You can read between the lines if you know what to look for.

When you follow a person on social media, you are choosing to allow into your psyche the contents of their psyche. There can be a wonderful sharing and building process or it can be a sickening and toxifying process, depending on the health of the person and your own interpersonal boundaries.

Here I’d like to offer three questions to consider, on a continuum, when observing a person’s social media usage:
-Are they merchants of misery and despair or does their message radiate with creative hope?
-Do they use their own words and creations or do they mask their true opinions behind quotes and reposts?
-To what extent are their supporters/followers joyous or miserable?

I agree with the age old saying, “You are what you eat”. I tend to find that those who offer solutions and hope without ignoring the problem, express their opinions in their own words, and keep happy (not to be confused with Happy!) company are generally the most healthy people on social media. If you “eat” their social media posts, you can reasonably expect to become healthier or to maintain a health you currently have.

Since we’re talking about judging a person’s health through social media, I’d like to offer a timely litmus test.
Probably the easiest and most effective litmus test for psychological health in another person can be broken down into three categories:
-Supports Trump
-Supports Hillary
-Is apathetic about politics or advocates non-participation (going third-party fits here)

Behold: K-selection!

Those who support Trump have a psyche that is pro-civilization and possess a fundamental health. These people have more fight and more light than others. They are capable of standing for good and ensuring a future for children.

Those who support Hillary have a psyche that is anti-civilization and if they cast a vote her, will remain unhealthy for the rest of their lives. These people lend their will to forces of satanism and global Communism and reap an erosion in their self-efficacy, usually through state subsidies. They are corrupters and seducers of the youth.

Those who are apathetic or non-participatory are nihilistic and will do nothing in the face of great evil. These are the people who know the Heimlich maneuver but stand passive while a nearby restaurant-goer chokes to death. At worst, these people warn us of narcissists and sociopaths, sometimes indicating Trump is one, in an unconscious effort to ensnare us in a maze of their contempt. At best, these people stay at home playing lots of video games and hiding from the world.

We all have a choice to make about the company we keep. Here are some of the choices I make:
-conviction and courage over cynicism and gossip
-fighting for good over tantruming for evil
-meaning over nihilism
-meeting people where they’re at over bashing people over the head with my knowingness
-dank memes over political correctness
-free market over cloisters, cartels, and central bureaus
-children as treasures over children as butt of jokes
-belief in something greater than oneself over radical individualism
-use of energy over conservationism of energy
-dignity over hedonism

To name names, have some fun, and illustrate my preferences and principles in action, here is a brief list. You may not catch all the references:

Communicating the transcendent…

-Mel Gibson over J.J. Abrahams (every time)
-Stefan Molyneux over Larken Rose
-Japanese cinema over Chinese cinema
-/pol/ over Buzzfeed
-Mike Cernovich over CNN
-young Springsteen over older Springsteen
-Youtube thinker over college professor
-Sam Hyde over Seth Rogen
-Vox Day over Sam Harris
-nationalism over agorism (for the time being)
-going into space over going “green”
-Christians over Muslims and statist atheists

I could go on and on. I share my preferences and principles for choice here to illustrate the example I live by, to lend transparency to my public activities, and to drum up interest for my forthcoming book on self-knowledge! I invite you to judge me or anyone else by the questions and litmus test I put forth above.

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