Nihilist Parents Aren’t Peaceful Parents

Peaceful parenting is the current best-answer to the problem of intergenerational trauma. The biggest advocates of peaceful parenting generally define it as the absence of coercion, punishment, and verbal aggression on the part of a parent for the duration of a child’s upbringing, with the conscious choice on the parents’ part to use reason and evidence to nurture the learning and growing process of the child. In general, I am confident this approach will consistently yield young people that are much more psychologically intact than people of past generations.

It has come to my attention that many prominent media figures in the peaceful parenting movement chose to abstain from lending their support to Brexit or to Donald Trump in opposition of the nuclear-holocaust-favoring Hillary Clinton. These people, their adherents, and their ideological allies can no longer be considered peaceful parents. They can no longer be granted the dignity of the moniker. These people ceased to be peaceful parents when Election Day in the United States came and went (November 8th, 2016). The same can be said about British “peaceful parents” who watched as the day of the Brexit vote came and passed (June 23rd, 2016). The same will be true of citizens of all Western nations wherein a watershed political vote is to be decided and there is a failure to act.

My inaction led to my children getting hurt. Feelz bad, man.

These people are no longer peaceful parents nor can be considered part of the peaceful parenting movement because by failing to vote in self-defense to stem mass “immigration” from child-toxic cultures, they undermine the futures of their children and future children. They are now child abusers and have transmitted or will transmit to their children, born and unborn, the basic message that they are not willing to take defensive action to ensure the safety of those children. They are willing for their children to live in Muslim ghettos, perpetual 2nd world socialism, and ethnic conflicts because they failed to recognize “immigration” is another big government program. They failed to recognize that “open borders” and “freedom of movement” would not exist in a stateless society. Their innocent children are now burdened with cowardly parents who will teach them much of what they need to know about non-violence but nothing about what they need to know about self-defense. Such parenting is neglectful and despicable, given the prevalence of violations of the non-aggression principle occurring in society today and the intellectual awareness of these people. Children who grow up to be courageous, striving, and willing to fight for good against evil will have done so despite their nihilistic parents.

Peaceful parenting is a phenomena arising out of societies advanced enough to be constitutional republics or representative democracies. Those who are unwilling to preserve their societies from functioning at a level below this threshold are not acting in the peaceful interests of their children and future children. These people must be disavowed and ostracized from the movement. Otherwise, the nihilism they infect their children with will be transmitted to the children of parents who courageously chose to preserve the future interests of peaceful parenting. If peaceful parenting is to flourish, adherents of the movement who failed to act in service of the movement’s longer term goals must be cut off like the philosophically suicidal cancer they are. To spend time with these abusers as “fellow peaceful parents” is to sanction their destructive nihilism. Their trial came and passed and they failed. They do not get to “try again”, particularly those who spoke out against political action. Their children may yet be reached at a later date through a clear explanation of the concepts contained in this article, concepts which their parents failed to process emotionally.

Failure to help a child understand self-defense and accurate boundaries in a violent world by not first leading by example is to expose a child to the worst predations the world has to offer.

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