The Moral Cowardice of Non-Participation

(As with all my Morning Musings, here I speak as a philosopher and a person in the world NOT as a therapist.)

Before we go anywhere here, I invite you watch the end of this Freedomainradio presentation:

It is continually amazing to me how many self-knowledge/philosophy inclined people are willing to speak up in situations of child abuse and intervene on behalf of the child, even in their own intrapsychic work, but behave with such cynicism and haughtiness toward political action. Such people have a lag in empathy and are not able to make the connection between a Clinton presidency and the decimation of the helping psychoclass of parents through the importation of fiercely child-unfriendly cultures into the United States. All of their admirable work toward healing the child within matters not if they cannot step into reality and intervene on behalf of real children in the real world.

The ugly truth of today’s society is that democratic governance dominates the terrain and the markets. Society is at a tipping point with the direction this governance will go: worldwide globalist Communism or a conscious return to nationalism and identity politics for ALL. The shining society on the hill, the United States, turning into a 3rd world banana republic will not result in more justice, veneration, and safety for children by which to learn and grow. It will result in the opposite.

For another 27 days there exists the chance to lend vehement support for the decimation of the plans of the globalist Communist, anti-child elite. The sword that pierces this plan is the truth of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. He represents empathy for children, a freer society, and the elevation of Western values over the global domination of Marxism/Leninism and its eastern counterpart, Islam.

Those who have read this article and watched the Stefan Molyneux video now have a choice before them: lend your open support to Donald Trump and work to save civilization or remain entrenched in your defenses and consign yourself to psychological oblivion. The salvation and preservation of civilization is fundamentally a human concern. Those who wish to retain their humanness and signal to their inner child that they’re willing to fight to give new hope to future generations of children will reap the rewards of living true. Those who consign themselves to non-participation (neglect), cynicism, and defensiveness in the face of this truth will sever their connection to their inner child and will place a great guilt upon their conscience, perhaps forever.
This is a call to courage and fire. Humanity depends on you. Put to the sword your cynicism and cowardice. Rise up and live true.