The Need For Male Spaces

Recently I heard it mentioned that women, through the effect of their physical presence, have an estrogenizing effect on men. While I haven’t been able to track down the studies showing this, I was able to track down an article from Scientific American that states, “…men may experience cognitive impairment when faced with the opposite sex.” Essentially, when men anticipate being observed by women in whatever task they’re engaged in, their cognitive function will lower. This has to do with psychological reproductive pressures and potential mating opportunities, at least according to the article.

I have spent over half of my life working out, lifting weights on a regular basis in gyms. A fortunate early experience I had with this was working out at Bailey’s Gym, run by a hulking Bill Bailey and his fraternity of townie buddies. There was an unofficial “men’s time” at the gym from 3 PM to 5 PM every week day. Bill made it no secret that this was a Male Gym and did nothing to accommodate women, aside from featuring a small locker room for them. His gym thrived and men from all over the county would come to be at Bailey’s for the atmosphere of camaraderie.
Two years later Bill went through a divorce, if my memory serves me correctly, and a “Curves for Women” moved into town less than a mile away. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers watched as Bill’s soon to be ex-wife convinced him to expand the gym and add a cardio room. Then tanning was added. Young, cute females were hired. The appeal of the gym softened and the membership shifted to the fairer sex. Bill’s finances struggled and he was forced to sell the gym to Mario, a lesser man who tried to bring back the male enthusiasm of the gym but floundered under female pressure.

Men need male spaces. Straight, white males have been denied this exclusivity by the politically-correct liberal mob. There are women’s gyms galore. Where are the all-male gyms? Nowhere in sight.

I work out at a mega gym in Salt Lake City. The women even have their own, privatized section of the gym. They probably built this addition to protect the prettier, more discriminating women from the leering eyes of the growing mass of 3rd worlders the Mormons are flooding their city with. Who knows. It might just be generic feminism to blame.

Want the used benches to smell like piss and every woman in sight to be visibly uncomfortable?

Recently, in my article Resolving Male Loneliness, I wrote that nationalist men need to get together and lift weights. I’d add that if these men can do it on private property and make a grey market style club out of it, all the more power to them. Trying to lift weights around pretty women and smelly 3rd worlders while politically correct pop music is blasting over the PA system is a rotten experience, indeed.