To License or Not?

Et toi? Thou crusheth cucks?

A little over a year ago I formally withdrew from my Master of Arts in Counseling degree program where I was pulling stellar grades and steadily advancing toward licensure as a psychotherapist. I did this for a number of reasons, some of which I cover abstractedly in my upcoming book The Art and Principles of Self-Knowledge. These reasons have to do with the limitations and problems inherent in psychotherapy themselves. Today I’d like to speak more directly about my experiences over the past fourteen months.

It has dawned on me that I became so involved in fighting the Great Meme War of 2016 that continuing on like a good little student for future existence in a state cartel became impossible. By throwing myself fully into the battle to get Trump into power and save civilization in the process, I learned more than I ever did in all my years of college. I fought alongside some incredible people in the meme trenches. I took wild risks that paid off handsomely. I drove a lot of votes and financially supported people who perhaps drove hundreds of thousands of votes. I bought in to an in-group and learned what it means to be a philosopher, a person who drives civilization forward. I watched 95% of Trump’s speeches, devoured the Clinton camp’s attacks on Trump, studiously watched how people like Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones handled everything, and fought like hell with a great number of nihilists, Marxists, and even a few fellow pro-Trumpers. Every time I opened up my Internet browser I learned. I spent whole days consuming, digesting, and producing. (insert poop joke)

I am elated with the choice to wade into the Culture War as a swashbuckler rather than watch my abilities go fallow in some community clinic serving Medicaid patients, writing up DSM diagnoses on people mostly incapable of bonding with me. I used all my energy to shitpost, build a private practice as a “self-knowledge facilitator” (which is way more baller than being a “counselor” anyway), and used the insights I gained from being in the meme trenches to write my finest books yet.

To anyone reading this I say that I have found working in the free market begets the kind of personality changes that reinforce the free market. A person like Lauren Southern has way more fun, learns so much more, and becomes wealthier than the PhD student banging out peer reviewed compendiums while doing contact hours with smack addicts. Lauren is fun! Mr. PhD is stuffy, suspicious, and fundamentally defended against the wildness a person like Lauren represents.
Trump, the wheeling and dealing businessman, came along and taught me a lesson I kept banging my head against for much of my teens and 20’s. It was a lesson no state cartel professional could teach me. I even made a video called “Follow The Free Market” a few years back but old habits die hard. Now I see just how important it is to work in the free market. It’s the hardest place to reside. There are no guarantees, no easy money. Nobody is hiring! It’s awful! Only the strong survive: the innovators and the fighters. Yet there is reward. Become strong enough and all those state cartelists will shit their pants at what you’re doing. Back to your safe spaces, mouse people!

I look forward to continuing my forays into the trenches and battlefields. There are children getting ritualistically cannibalized out there. There are media organizations slandering the very best people. Hey, there are “psychologists” practicing terrible voodoo on trusting folks.

There’s trouble and I’m going to go find it.