Winning The Culture War


It is my contention that an important window of opportunity is closing for those who would like to effect a stateless society. Psychological and intellectual immaturity and corruption, as expressed primarily through rampant leftism in Western societies, has opened the door for an Islamic, dysgenic invasion of the West that will have final and irreversible consequences. The core of leftism must now be dismantled.

Just like pop songs, metaphors for anarchy have their day in the sun.

Notable attempts through philosophical discourse have been made but the grounds gained through these tactics are not enough to reverse the tide. It is imperative that the virtuous win the culture war. Once the culture war is won, culture must be discarded wholly for philosophy. The culture war will be won through greater psychological maturity, better arguments, and danker memes, in all seriousness. It is futile to remain limited to positing philosophical arguments for a stateless society in the face of a culture war that is currently being won by authoritarian leftism. The Tolkien “One Ring of Power” parable and others like it have done only so much. Appealing to secularism has done only so much. Not enough people are listening soberly to the arguments. We must win first through culture.

There will not be anarchy in the major Western societies during my lifetime. Stateless societies will be achieved if the major barriers to such a world are energetically and relentlessly engaged by the healthiest among us: those who are self-reflective and self-responsible. The likelihood of the emergence of a stateless society increases as more and more of the conditions that follow are met.

Conditions for victory in this culture war:

-those who publicly advocate for socialist, Marxist, Communist, Islamic, or feminist governmental and cultural policies are widely viewed by the majority of the human population as fringe, anti-human and emotionally immature

The communist infiltration of American universities is complete.

-atheism without universal ethics is widely viewed by the majority of the human population as fringe, nihilistic, and emotionally immature
-socialism, feminism, communism, Islam, and Marxism are widely viewed and understood to be irrational ideologies born out of failed, abusive, and authoritarian parenting experienced in childhood
-the suicidal demographic trends of the West (Western Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA) are reversed
-the intelligence quotient is commonly accepted as the valid measure of determining differences between individuals and social groups, not color or gender
-those who cannot afford to raise children with a healthy diet, sufficient shelter to prevent illness, and proper medical care using their own money are discouraged from reproducing
-the mainstream culture posits meritocracy as the means of achieving authority and social prestige
-totalitarian themes in art are identified as propaganda by major public intellectuals (those whose broadcasts reach over 5 million views a month)
-the current trends of dissolution of national sovereignty in favor of one world government are reversed entirely and markets become freed through the consciously-chosen downsizing and deconstruction of government entities
-the secrets of international banking cartels and their designs for the world are exposed forensically and discussed openly by major public intellectuals

-Bitcoin and other alternative currencies will have “cool” status with most young, affluent people
-it is understood by the majority of parents of young adults that there are real, viable, proven alternatives to the university system
-the mainstream media, having been relentlessly derided, will cease to exist in its current form
-pornography is a fringe hobby taken up by the few lonely, not plastered on every magazine and movie cover
-psychoactive drugs are understood to stunt emotional growth and distort perception of reality, and are a fringe hobby
-psychotherapy and other healing disciplines replace the media as the major psychological outlet for intelligent young adults and the markets reflect this
-the cult of climate change and its doomsayers is a fringe group
-those political leaders, and their followers, who have sought to drastically increase the size and scope of government (as compared to their day and to their competitors) will have been so vigorously opposed that it will be en vogue to court the favor of the masses by promising to reduce the size and scope of government
-to be physically active, self-reflective, good to children, hard-working, and libertarian (as opposed to authoritarian) are the common standards for adult comportment, irrespective of race or gender
-the meme “taxation is theft”, and others like it, enter the mainstream and are the subject of serious public discourse
-those who abandon the ideals of philosophical enlightenment through reason in favor of mysticism and primitivism are ostracized until they remediate themselves and rejoin human progress

They’re only ungrateful brats if you were that way to them first.

-children are commonly honored, loved, and supported as the best of humanity and the standard bearers of the future
-the family has been rehabilitated to be in service of children, not the adults, and fault is once again placed on the shoulders of the initial perpetrator in cases of divorce
-motherhood is championed in the mainstream as a gift to humanity and the cornerstone of the future
-criminals are contained and rehabilitated at their own expense, not public expense
-receiving government welfare and entitlements is widely viewed as immature, irresponsible, and undesirable
-abortion is widely viewed and accepted as aesthetically negative and only for circumstances of rape, mental retardation, or to save the life of the mother
-sex is seen primarily for procreation for families and much less for recreation or “connection”
-it is widely accepted that all cultures are not equal and that those that preserve liberty through personal property rights are favorable to those that seek to destroy liberty
-diversity and multiculturalism are widely seen as tools of equivocal manipulation between disparate cultures
-public, government-run, schooling of children is loudly condemned by a majority of public intellectuals and major resistance movements to mandatory schooling laws have begun
-the drugging of children and adults with psychiatric drugs is seen as a psychological holocaust that is passing into non-existence
-to strike or berate a child is seen in the mainstream as wrong as putting a lit cigarette in the mouth of a child
-neither boys or girls have their genitals mutilated in all Western societies and the very few who perpetrate this crime are contained and re-educated at their own expense

People who are totally disincentivized to create their own markets.

-pathological altruism, including foreign aid from Western governments to the Third World, is widely derided by the majority of public intellectuals
-government subsidies, and their resultant devastation on plant and animal life, have been roundly rejected
-it is commonly understood that the West ended slavery and that slavery in the Third World has far outstripped slavery in the West
-Indians stop defecating in the open and build enough toilets for themselves
-Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, continues to dismantle the mainstream media and the political establishment, and lowers taxes as he says he will
-Hillary Clinton is imprisoned for compromising state secrets and is publicly derided by mainstream intellectuals for harassing Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims
-overseas wars are roundly derided and opposed by a majority of major public intellectuals
-revenues for major sports organizations begin to plateau due to a waning of public interest and support

How Will The Culture War Be Won?

The culture war will be won by the most vigorous, most engaging, and most active voices in the media. The authoritarian, regressive left has a massive leg up on its libertarian competition due to the prevalence of public schooling and due to the left’s entrenchment in the mainstream media.
The culture war will be won by those with the dankest memes, the most compelling songs, the most passionate and cleverly marketed viral videos, and by those who will never ever apologize to the political correctness police for having spoken the truth. 
If the culture war is to be won, the libertarians, particularly the self-reflective among the libertarian, must work to reach the numbers of people currently being manipulated through the public school systems and the mainstream media. There are two ways to participate in bringing rationally consistent materials to the masses:
-by leading
-by following

As the culture war will continue to take place in the media, those who seek to lead benefit from some of the following personality characteristics:
-the ability to communicate advanced concepts in a succinct and engaging manner
-the ability to maintain strong boundaries with verbal abusers, the confused, and the opposed
-charisma (the ability to help others feel their own feelings)
-the ability to tell a story to illustrate a principle
-the ability to empathize with one’s audience and deliver content tailored to their interests
-the ability to engage guests and co-hosts as equals who have information and experiences to share
-creativity, spontaneity, and confidence
-emotional investment in the material at hand
-the ability to coordinate production or delegate the coordination
-the ability to listen to and learn from other leaders
-the ability to grow an audience
-the ability to wade deep into the heart of the culture war without losing one’s sense of self

Those who will follow will benefit from:
-having steady income to support deserving leaders and content creators
-the ability to process emotional experiences catalyzed by the material of the leaders before reaching conclusions
-the ability to become one’s own leader, through self-reflection and choose judiciously from the options available

Personally, as a lifelong learner, I think there is benefit to practicing the roles of leader and follower interchangeably.

Be prepared to be treated like the masked guy for a while.

The culture war is playing out on every public platform available to man. It is present in every relationship where there is a disparity of authoritarian/libertarian preferences. Authoritarian beliefs and preferences do not accord with reality. If we want to win the culture war, we cannot dignify those beliefs and preferences as valid. It is an option for us to empathize with their psycho-historical roots for our own personal understanding and perhaps if our profession requires us to do so. We do not have to attack the authoritarian beliefs of our companions but neither can we give them moral sanction or sympathy. To do so is to self-erase and blot out our own capacity for effecting change in the world for the better.

OMG! She’s not an atheist anarcho-capitalist peaceful parent who reads Alice Miller books in her spare time, accepts universal ethics, eats a paleo diet, is in regular IFS therapy, and talks about the non-aggression principle every time she’s in public. This is a serious problem! We need to confront her, guys!

The culture war cannot be won by pointing out the flaws in ideologies more libertarian than the political-cultural zeitgeist. This results in the loss of allies, however imperfect, and tips the scales further toward totalitarianism. Our energies are best spent pointing out the flaws in the ideologies that are equivalent or more totalitarian than the political-cultural zeitgeist.

The most uncompromising, creative, empathetic, and persistent among the actors in the culture war will be the ones who decide the outcome. Culture is presented to us through art, oratory, and exposition. In 2016, meme pictures and four minute videos are the rage. We can all do our part, even if we are just re-posting the work of others.

Maintaining Self-Connection In A Culture War

I love to weave appeals to self-knowledge into everything I create. I’d like to talk a little bit about staying grounded and centered while all of this is going on.

Sometimes you need to stop and pant all over the flowers.

As a personal rule, I only participate in publicly deconstructing authoritarian thought structures and erecting libertarian structures when I have an abundance of creative and expressive energy. This means that at the top of the docket I place my many responsibilities as a self-reflective person. I ensure that every day I am uncovering more of my history, feeling more of my feelings, cutting down on more of my dissociative behaviors, and becoming more honest with myself about my motivations and the outcomes of those motivations. By doing this I can reasonably and consistently maintain an active professional life without exhausting myself. By maintaining an active professional life I am able to afford myself leisure time. This is the time I use to play, learn, and grow. Much of my efforts in this category are dedicated to communicating the truth in a public forum but these efforts must never cut into my ability to be fully present for my professional life or my self-reflective life. I was able to write this essay because I am more or less caught-up on pressing issues with my professional and self-reflective lives.
Ideally, the more one has worked through their self-reflective and professional lives, the more one can contribute to speaking truth to the world during their leisure time. I have certainly found this to be the case and I encourage others to try this template.
It can be easy to fight ceaselessly. After all, many of us had to do this to survive our childhoods. Moments or even periods of respite help us to re-engage with inner truth and repossess the qualities that help us shine a light on the dark world. We must be careful not to project our histories onto those more authoritarian than the political-cultural zeitgeist. We do ourselves a favor by empathizing accurately so that our messages have maximum effectiveness.

Parting Words

I wish you the very best in helping the world become a freer place. The current struggle for human liberty is not taking place in the prefrontal cortex of advanced language, reasoning, logic, and forward planning. Most people alive today and participating in public platforms are not on that level yet. Due to psychological trauma they remain in the reptilian brain or limbic system, wrestling with survival instincts or feelings and memory formation. We must empathize with them and speak to them in a way that resonates.
Let us appeal to the survival of the species. Let us produce memorable media that evokes pleasant emotions, grounded in rationally consistent principles. Let us rehabilitate humankind and bring it beyond culture and into philosophy.
Let us win the culture war.

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