Power of Story in Learning

One concept that stuck with me after listening to a podcast one day was that the best way to memorize something is through story. And I thought, that kind of makes sense. When you think of the best speeches you hear and books that you read, a lot of them tend to begin with a story. When someone’s telling a story, you tend to want to hear the next word, and the next word, and the next and it’s easier to follow than a conglomerate of facts strewn together.

After thinking about this, I thought about what some of the most difficult things to memorize were. My mind immediately went to the days in college cramming before organic chemistry or bio chemistry exams trying to memorize structures and processes. Then I thought, what if story could be applied to some of these processes to, not only make them easier to memorize, but to turn difficult concepts into common folk tales or stories.

When all the Star Wars hype was beginning in earlier last year, I thought about trilogies and what else could be made into a trilogy. Well, what about the process of metabolism in the human body; specifically, the metabolism of glucose? There are three main processes that everyone learns in biology around this process and they are glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation. Glucose is made up of six carbons that most students are required to focus on during these processes. It turns out the sport of hockey centers around six players and these six carbons can be turned into a team of hockey players which throughout the story go through a process that can be related back to the three mentioned earlier. Does anyone else think story can be a great way to learn science?