On “Woke” White People Advertising their Shock that Racism just won a Presidency
Courtney Parker West

Look at the numbers. Just the numbers. Take the emotion out of it for a moment.

What the numbers say is that people of color did not go to the polls for the old white woman the way they did for the young black man 8 and 4 years earlier. So she lost.

Blatant racism? Lack of commitment? Apathy? Overconfidence fueled by the media? What was it? Democrats had better figure it out!

If they had voted for Hillary in the same numbers they did for President Obama, she would have won.

So what do the Democrats do next? Dry their eyes, start a grass roots campaign, and find a candidate that appeals to a broader coalition of Americans. Figure out how to eliminate the causes of her loss.

Blaming the people who voted for Trump is just wrong. Blame the people who did not vote at all. I realize that since I live in California, a lot more people could have stayed home and Hillary would still have won. Same in some other normally blue states. But if you live in a flipped state, or one of the swing states, what in the world was your excuse?

I wonder how many people commenting here didn’t bother to vote. I wonder if Courtney voted.

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