Crimson Sky Continuum

I stare upon a crimson sky continuum and wonder what the future has in store for me.
Majestic golden yellows catch my eye as I look up high and reflect upon the man I want to be. Ever growing, ever changing the seasons never lasting long. I hold strong to the memories in my head.
I see the crimson with a burst of orange and feel recharged. The bold reds of the sky draw a feeling of ferocity from the depths of my soul. The dull sharp feeling it inflicts reminds me there is a battle ahead I must fight. It speaks to me in a bold voice; "PREPARE MY SON, for the passage is intense". It shakes me to the core, sending a cold shiver down my spine. Though I fear not, the gentle amber comforts me and all anxiety settles to the bottom of the ocean in my soul, giving me strength to carry on. Just then a celestial voice whispers in my ear "You will find peace. You will find love. There is guidance from up above" I then seek counsel in her voice;"How do I know when to begin, embark upon my journey and how will it happen"!? The Celestial Voice Replies, "Look within, inside its clear, hurry now, the beginnings near"!
Just as quickly as the voice came it left and a cold swirl of deep, violent purple swept up the skies glory and the light began to dim.
Crimson Sky Continuum! Where are you going! Wait come back! You told me to look within, but how do I know if I can trust my inner voice"!!? Soon after asking this question to what I knew had to have been a voice inside my head, a cloud swept over the last touch of sunlight and the crickets began to chirp. I knew then and there it was time to move.
The silence was brutal and left me cold and in wonder but I knew it was for my own good. It was the end of the discussion and time for me to move. I still look back on that one comforting moment though and all the good memories it brought to my soul and everything I am living for.
Crimson Sky Continuum; Your lantern illuminates my heart.

-Steven Guarneri
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