We Will Never Forget

Our Troops, The Thin Blue Line, Firefighters, EMS

Today marks one of the darkest moments in our American History. It’s the day that our country was attacked on foreign soil and many innocent lives were either lost or forever changed. However, it’s also a day that we as Americans will never forget; and that is why, after that wistful day, our country came together to take on the evil that tried to invoke fear into our hearts. Unfortunately for the enemy their mission failed and our troops responded with great fury and incredible courage. Our police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers put their own lives on the line to save a fellow American that in many cases they didn’t know. This, my friends, is love. And I think I speak for most Americans when I say thank you to our troops, thank you to our women and men in law enforcement, thank you to our firefighters, and EMS workers who even still today risk their own safety for our security . With out you America would know no such thing as freedom.

We Will Never Forget

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