The combination of working an office job and recently becoming a dad has put a strain on my exercise routine, so much so that I routinely wake up with lower back pain and on my weekly bike rides my knees start hurting only after a dozen miles.

Realizing I can’t…

I went and found all the trailers I could find for films over 20 minutes at this years MountainFilm festival. I have also provided links to the film’s description on the MountainFilm website. Enjoy!

Sierra Quitiquit: How Did I Get Here Official Trailer



Why I feel this much mis-aligned saying might actually speak to policy we can all compromise on

I grew up up in a family full of opinions across all ranges of subjects including guns. Some members of my family owned and used guns, others owned and didn’t use them, and others thought they were foolish and unnecessary for modern society. We debated it often at family gatherings…

How you can help keep the world private while doing basically nothing.

By now you certainly have heard all you need to about the NSA, Edward Snowden, and the US Government to know that privacy on the web doesn’t exist. For someone like me who is boring enough to not be a target of any investigation I am not personally worried about…


Internet Guy, Thinker, Dreamer.

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