The combination of working an office job and recently becoming a dad has put a strain on my exercise routine, so much so that I routinely wake up with lower back pain and on my weekly bike rides my knees start hurting only after a dozen miles.

Realizing I can’t just spend all my time caring for my daughter and being at work, I decided to spend less than 30 minutes in the morning on these exercises to get back to feeling good, and I thought I would share them with you.

This isn’t some get fit quick kinda thing…

I’m a near life-long Mac user that uses a MacBook Pro at the office, an iPad Pro in the air and a different MBPro at home. However I also built a gaming PC recently. It would have been a Mac if they made gaming PCs and publishers made OSX ports but since they don’t, I built a PC from parts. It was a lot of fun and much easier than it was in the 90s. Its specs aren’t anything crazy but here are the highlights:

  • Skylake 6600K i5 3.5 GHZ processor with 20% overclock
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM 3000 MHZ

This past week I was up in Calgary and Banff for work and was luckily able to get a chance to go on a 4 day / 3 night heli-hiking trip with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH). It was the experience of a lifetime.

Disclosure: I work for Intrawest, the parent company of CMH. I have not been paid or otherwise encouraged to write this. I merely thought this would be a good medium to share my experience with friends and family.

Day 1

The trip started with a small shuttle pickup from my hotel that took me to a much larger coach…

I went and found all the trailers I could find for films over 20 minutes at this years MountainFilm festival. I have also provided links to the film’s description on the MountainFilm website. Enjoy!

Sierra Quitiquit: How Did I Get Here Official Trailer







No trailer found


No trailer found, NYer article:


Another great MountainFilm is in the books. We had snow, rain or both pretty much every day, and I only saw the sun for about an hour but some great films made up for it in the end. Here are some of the best I watched, and as a result, you should too.

Frame by Frame

Yes, if you know me, I am a bit biased with this one considering my soon to be wife produced it, but regardless of that fact this is a great film. It chronicles the struggle of Afgan Photojournalism during the Taliban regime through…

Films about the outdoors in Telluride

For over 35 years Memorial day weekend means MountainFilm in beautiful Telluride. It is a fantastic four day event consisting of independent films about the outdoor life. A sampling as to what you might see includes films about extreme rock climbing, river conservation, rescue missions and dirtbags living in parking lots. Telluride’s weather can be quite fickle in May and instead of sunny skies and warm temperatures we got snow, rain and cold. Luckily this is a film fest overall and thus many films were watched serially from morning to night, all weekend.

Nine films of that 25 or so…

Protect yourself from airport, coffee shop, and conference WiFi in a few easy steps.

2017 Update: Updated to the latest version of Debian.

Edit 2: Someone else wrote a very very simple one line install. If want to get a VPN up and running fast you can’t do better than following the guide here:

I know what your saying. VPN, ugh, that is what my old corporate job made me connect to in order to access the server just to download a stupid Word document. I agree. I feel your pain. I have had to had to connect to that VPN as well.

This post is different though. It won’t be slow and…

What was best this year for me.

A highly subjective list of some of the best’s in 2013 that everyone can appreciate.

Best Electronic Album → Disclosure — Settle Best Single → Classix — All You’re Waiting For Best Comedian → Mike Birbiglia Best Guilty Pleasure → Mike Will Made-It — 23 Best Pizza in Colorado → Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza Best Roadtrip→ Canyonlands National Park Best New Product in My Life → Dropcam Best Food Cart → Boulder Bowls Best New Cooking Product → Cuisinart Best Beer → Green Flash Rayon Vert Best Place to Grab a Beer → Freshcraft Best Selection of Beer → Colorado…

Why I feel this much mis-aligned saying might actually speak to policy we can all compromise on

I grew up up in a family full of opinions across all ranges of subjects including guns. Some members of my family owned and used guns, others owned and didn’t use them, and others thought they were foolish and unnecessary for modern society. We debated it often at family gatherings, but at the end of the day we respected others opinions and moved on. No politics, hatred, or stupidity.

Today there is a different feeling coursing through America. That of hatred for others opinions and a feeling that the other side is “idiotic”. I might have even gotten caught up…

How you can help keep the world private while doing basically nothing.

By now you certainly have heard all you need to about the NSA, Edward Snowden, and the US Government to know that privacy on the web doesn’t exist. For someone like me who is boring enough to not be a target of any investigation I am not personally worried about my activities online but I do feel that people should have a right to privacy. Especially people that that disagree with the US, or any other government’s political system.

This got me thinking… What could I do to help individuals seeking privacy that doesn’t involve me holding a sign up…


Internet Guy, Thinker, Dreamer.

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