Evolution 3 → Creating User Journeys

I soon learned that after a sitemap is drawn up the attention needs to be turned on to the different types of users that will be interacting with the product and then user journey maps need to be created to clearly break down each step they take to complete specific tasks.

Continuing with the same usability review of the Amigo Loans website, I established 4 different types of key users that are likely to interact with their service that provides loans using a guarantor system instead of credit checks:

  • User Type 1 — New Customer: Doesn’t understand the proposition
  • User Type 2 — New Customer: Understands the proposition
  • User Type 3 — Existing Customer — Requires Support
  • User Type 4 — Potential Guarantor

On completing this process Thomas Saldanha taught me the valuable lesson that the first 3 user types in the list above can be applied to almost any website or app — valuable advice. He also then gave me a lesson into how to draw up a user journey. Images below:

Above: A quick scamp of a user journey, Below: a screenshot of a user journey previously created for a client

I then had a go at trying out a version in my notebook:

Then after I had become accustomed to the process I fired up Sketch and over the course of the day wrote 7 different user journeys — again based on the Amigo Loans website. Here are 3 of them:

As a consequence I am now confident I can repeat this process for any other site, app or real life situation.

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