We can learn lessons from things that happen in life. For instance:

When a diseased portion of a body cannot or will not control it's growth.

Spreading into and killing off healthy or sustainable areas.

Cancer can happen in an individual or within our society. It can be a mental or physical "disease". It can even be within our environment (earthly resources), such as unsustainable development like global warming and other environmental disasters.

It is a "disease".

Proposed solution 
The Patient must be rid of dis--ease. Returned back to a state of ease. Living mentally and physically within a more relaxed sustainable structure (i.e take it easy)

This can apply to their personal body and physical environment. They can help themselves by stop living in a hyper state of mind; taking on more than their body can mentally or physically process or digest in a normal day.

When their physical environment is spring like, relax and eat and drink in a spring like format. If there is a snow storm, blizzard or sub zero temperatures and you are forced to work in this environment, eat heavier, even more often and drink hotter liquids to deal with the extra demands on your body.

The Patient must stop looking at life as conquering, destroying or acquiring resources (human and natural) to sustain their insatiable appetite. They must leave a positive or zero foot print on the terrain they live, work and travel.

They must stop spreading false, mentally disturbing and cancerous statements to justify their dis-eased excessive state of mind.

The Patient in essence must "take it easy" and live a much simpler life.

If these steps are followed the Patient and his environment will have a high chance of being cured.

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