Make Money From Home

Still, one of the best ways to make money from home is affiliate marketing.

Make Money From Home

I say ‘still’ because I often see questions online like ’does affiliate marketing still work?’ and statements like ‘affiliate marketing is dead!’…

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I make money from home online with affiliate marketing, (it is my main source of income) and so can you! This business model will be around for a long while yet…

What is affiliate marketing?

Essentially, affiliate marketing is selling another company’s product (as opposed to your own product) and earning a commission off that sale.

That’s basically what most retailers do, right? Buy and stock other company’s products, relative to their market and sell them. They are essentially ‘affiliates’ of the manufacturers of products.

EXCEPT… Selling other company’s products online does not require you to rent a shop space, hire staff, pay wages, buy and store stock… It’s all online and your ‘shop’ is open 24/7 to the whole world.

How do you make money from home with affiliate marketing?

First you need to choose your niche. As in your area of business e.g. Sport, weight loss, making money, self help, entertainment, cooking, DIY, pets, beauty, etc etc.

Next, sign up to an affiliate program that has products available relevant to your niche that you can promote.

Then you need to create a search engine friendly website and continually populate that website with content relevant to your niche that will solve problems that people have within your niche, with links to products relevant to your content that will further solve your reader’s problems.

Finally, you need to drive targeted traffic to your content from properly targeted content, social media and paid traffic sources…

Does all of this just sound terrifying??

Yep. Sure does!

Don’t worry… In order to make money from home with affiliate marketing — and I mean as much money as you like, as in job busting, life changing money (if you want), or just a bit extra each month (up to you), then you just need the right teacher, the right training platform, to take you by the hand and show you step by step, A to Z, how to start an online business to make money from home.

Which is the best affiliate marketing training platform to teach you how to make money from home??

The affiliate marketing training platform that I joined in 2014, where I learnt how to start an online business and found online success, which took me on to a better than full time income, (financial freedom in fact)… And that I’m STILL a member of…


I’m not going to go into a rant here about how great this program is, but seriously, if you want to learn how to make money from home — and i’m not talking ‘quick money’ or ‘overnight success’… I’m talking about learning how to start an online business which, over time, will enable you a cash free, time rich life style.

If that’s what you want, then click on the ‘wealthy affiliate’ link above — and learn how to start an online business to make money from home.

To your success and thanks for reading ;)