There is a nicely made Youtube video that addresses some of your points.
Steven Johnson

The article you supplied doesn’t address what I brought up, if anything it points out what I said about today’s automation having no GOOD analogies in history. All the article did was say “people were afraid before and nothing happened”. It would be like someone knowing about dynamite and based off that saying “an atom bomb can’t possibly be that bad, we’ve had explosives in the past and they aren’t like that”.

We are in a different world today than ever before. The human brain through history has always been unique, the only thing that could solve problems and think critically. That is no longer the case. Who would you rather go to, a doctor with 30 years of experience and a fairly good track record, or a “doctor” with thousands of years of aggregated experience with a much better record of success?

Comparing automation of the past that was very task specific (a factory line robot that makes a few welds) vs today’s automation of both physical (almost anything physical now can be automated) AND intellectual tasks just doesn’t make sense to me.

Point out to me a case in history that we can compare too where a non human was making a wide variety of intellectual decisions on it’s own.

“Is it different this time? Or are we giving in to the same fear of technological change and progress as people have for the last century?”

I have no fear of automation, i think it’s great, I just don’t want to have a blase attitude towards it of “oh it will just work out”. It’s an issue that needs to be understood and addressed proactively so that it doesn’t crush our nice cushy way of life.