Boot Camp Day 2

The second day in boot camp requires one to perform tasks in Object Oriented Programming with Python. Also solve various tests in the Andela lab that require implementation of what was learnt previously over the curriculum.
Personally, I had to solve a real life problem using the Object Oriented Programming approach in python. This provided a chance to combine a real life problem with technology to develop solutions.
Object oriented programming is an approach that works by using objects that manipulate data and also are able to interact with each other.
Some of the techniques under Object Oriented Programming learnt today in boot camp involve polymorphism,encapsulation, inheritance and methods
Polymorphism involves using functions or methods to perform different tasks as the inputs change. This allows for code reusal as the programmer does not require to keep repeating the same codes over.
I also learnt that inheritance provides a way to create classes that can use definitions from other pre-existing classes. This is an important OOP technique as code is able to be reused by a developer in order to save resources. These resources involve memory, time and CPU.
Also Methods as learnt today, are found within classes and their format is that of a function. Methods provide an easier was for abstraction(a concept where all the processes taking place underneath a code don’t need to be known).This implementation ensures easier ways to develop application as the methods perform tasks the developer wants.

In the Andela labs I had to solve a program code that was developed based on Test Driven Development. This provided a good understanding in TDD not only in its execution but also in its importance to developers.

In conclusion, the self learning initiative provide a good way to learn various implementations on an individual capacity. This personally has been an eye opener in terms of seeing things in different perspective as compared to before. Also, a problem solving skill was acquired today in the process of self-learning.

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