Boot Camp Day 3

My experience in boot camp day 3, was quite as interesting as it was important . I had the chance to work on Application Programming Interface, commonly known as API’s. I learnt that APIs are set of subroutine, definitions,protocols and tools for building application software.
This enables developers to write programs that can request services from an operating system or any other applications. APIs are implemented by use of function calls that use simple verbs and nouns. The API are made of two related elements. The first is specification that describes how information is exchanged between programs, done in the form of a request for processing and return of the necessary data.
The second is a software interface written to that specification and published in some way for use.
I learnt that APIs are of great importance in application development in that;
1) They facilitate communication between applications.
2) They enable applications to request for services from other resourceful applications.
3) They simplify development of applications simply by allowing developers create applications that request services.
In my quest to learning about the APIs, I was able to develop an application that is able to fetch weather information of places. It the application is able to utilize APIs to fetch the data remotely. This works on the principle of fetching data in a database without direct access to the database. This was a great opportunity to having learn a new thing that was of can be of great importance.

I also worked on a program that returned the count of every word in a sentence. Based on the test, the program had to use dictionaries to solve the challenge. This involved digging dipper into the python data structure mainly covering the dictionaries. By use of loops, the counts of every word in any sentence was achieved.

My final task was to return the maximum and minimum values in an array provided as values as input. This required the use of built in methods provided in python for handling operations in list.

In conclusion, day three in boot camp was quite overwhelming and fruitful. So far it has been a journey with tremendous growth.

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