Most Recent Challenging Learning Experience

Recently, I completed my undergraduate which was overwhelming and joyful to finally complete the 844 system. A glance down memory lane, reminds me of how hard it was to finally call it “The End”.
In campus we were required to come up with a project that related to real life 
problems and come up with a solution. Personally, I decided to do a project in health care which seemed easy to identify with the solution.
As time went by, things started getting complicated as most of the problem seemed to be out of the blues. The challenges required different approach to finding the solutions that I had stipulate in my objectives. In order to implement the project, I had to learn a different programming language. At the time, it seemed difficult to learn a new language from scratch .Since time was not on my side, i felt under pressure. As the deadline drew closer by day, I feared I wouldn’t make it on time . It felt like a challenge too big for me to tackle, based on my experience.The pressure that came with the set back was quite overwhelming. It reached a point where I decided to quit and try my luck next time.

A problem shared is a problem half solved. My “eureka” moments finally came to my rescue. I decided to give it a one more try and take an extra mile to learn new content. I kept telling my self “many have done why not me?” .In the process I managed to engage with colleagues who had previously solved similar projects. I spend more time over the internet, in order to learn new content on python programming. I managed to learn a lot from individuals across the globe some of whom had encountered same challenges I faced. This greatly changed my mental growth, as I was more eager to learn new things.
This came as a big lesson to me individually. I learnt that growth mindset equals better skills and more knowledge. This improved my productivity over time and am more skillful.

In conclusion, challenges are what build character and mindset is the tool that makes all that happen. Character makes individual have the will and strength to tackle every challenge that comes their way. Growth Mindset is key to better living.

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