Recent Developments in Radiation Shielding

A few years ago, researchers at North Carolina State University researchers found that the lightweight composite metal foams they developed blocked X-rays, gamma rays, and neutron radiation and absorbed the energy from high-impact collisions.

Professor Afsaneh Rabiei initially developed the Composite Metal Foam (CMF) for use in transportation and military applications, but findings held promise for opportunities to use composite metal foam to develop more efficient spacecraft and nuclear designs and CT scanner shielding.

And, just a few months ago, CMP passed Department of Justice certification for the CMF for Level IV body armor and is currently being tested for application as radiation protection and extreme temperature exposure.

Ecomass Technologies

For years, Ecomass Technologies has been working in the field of radiation shielding. Since 1998, it’s been developing advanced composite materials, high density plastics, high gravity compounds, and engineered thermoplastics

Since 1998, Ecomass Technologies has provided groundbreaking solutions to industry and governmentto overcome physical property and material challenges to meet application needs. Its skill, experience, and expertise allow its customers the freedom to concentrate on form and function, while it solves problems.

Ecomass Technologies solves the material challenges its products face. Its goal is to provide its customers with the highest-performance and lowest-cost materials and let them compete and fully function in their respective markets.

Radiation Shielding

For decades, lead prevailed in radiation shielding. It was cheap, easy to manufacture, and worked. Health, safety and environmental concerns, however, resulted in strict regulations use and sales. Ecomass Technologies has helped original equipment manufacturersand global material processors abolish these concerns by developing environmentally friendly,lead free shielding.

Ecomass’ high-gravity compounds can also be used in a variety of applications, including weighting, balancing, radiation shielding and vibration damping.

Ecomass’ lead free radiation shielding materials protectagainst gamma and x-ray sources. Its x-ray shielding compounds are RoHS compliant and do not contain any other EPA hazardous or toxic material. As well, all Ecomass Compounds comply with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

If you have a special requirement, contact Ecomass Technologies today. It has probably already solved it