Education: Inspiring the Developing World

At 6pm each day our cleaners enter the office and sprinkle their magic. I look forward to seeing the radiant faces of the husband and wife team, immigrants from Harare, Zimbabwe who are always smiling and joyous. No matter how difficult I might think my day has been, its nothing compared to what they have seen and experienced, in a place they no longer call home. (For the purposes of this post, I will keep their names private and refer to them a Mrs C and Mr T).

Today I shared with Mrs C the sheer excess, (although mechanical, technical and horological brilliance), of a Swiss watch made by MB&F a Geneva based specialist watchmaker who’s watches start at $50,000. The example we looked at is called the HM6 Alien Nation and costs $500,000 (they are all sold out), the watch looks like UFO and features hand carved solid white gold aliens. Watches like this are favoured by Silicon Valley billionaires who will most probably see their half million dollar indulgences appreciate in value — making them even richer should they ever sell.

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation

Speaking to Mrs C about such excess was eye opening. We discussed wealth, politics, social culture and corruption. I asked her if she had all the money in the world how would she help her family and children some of whom are still in Zimbabwe? I expected her to say that she would build a better home for them and give to the poor, the usual answer. Her answer in fact was quite the opposite. In a country that’s seen inflation rise to over 1,000,000%, money is driving desperate greed for survival. When its not possible to give money to a charity, an orphanage or even your own family because it will be consumed selfishly, how do you help people most in need?

“We must help in empowering people to think about valuable idea’s that THEY OWN and create as a community”

Giving cash can be worthless because it will be abused, creating buildings and shelter will become occupied by the families and friends of those in power, and building civil infrastructure will fall under the control of the ruling government who are corrupt. This leaves only one answer, education. We must help in empowering people to think about valuable idea’s that THEY OWN and create as a community.

As I continue to explore advancements in technology and creative ideas designed to capture our attention on my Instagram, I think we need a way to distribute curated information in a way that gets the attention of people who are at the start of their connected lives. This content should inspire and lead to new, valuable life changing ideas. I strongly believe the next generation of big ideas will come from the minds of people who have not been polluted by the developed worlds way of thinking. The next billion internet users will teach the world about so much we simply don’t know about today.

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