“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.” frank underwood

I cried…hot tears streaming down my eyes, my throat already dry and I can feel the phlegm forming in my Respiratory Passages, looking at the board with our 100 level first semester result damn! it was bloody(imagine Spartacus blood and sand )…f — -k!! I read my books!! I attended classes “ask Phil…naaa” I went to night class, emmafab my roomy can bear me witness, but I don’t know what happened, could it be my village people…nah fu — k that! ain’t superstitious…fast forward to 2017 let’s leave my school days stories for another day but this is the moment I had a turning point in my life finally I know what I want to be YES YOU GUESS RIGHT AN ENTREPRENEUR!!!.

I made risky moves, made lots of sacrifices(abeg don’t go imagining blood and chickens), and got the right connect, it wasn’t easy it took a lot of guts, ass licking, focus and perseverance and high level of smart moves to get my 6 major life projects, here are the list of the projects in no particular order.

  1. First on the list is My 9–5 job(sometimes 9–7, 8 or 9)…hell yeah lol oh really what were you expecting? I ditch my job?… in this era of whistleblowing and state of quagmire we are in this country, even steve jobs worked for bill Packard(hp co-founder) and Atari (makers of Pac-man and Mario) besides I enjoy my job as a product and business developer in MyAds Global Co-founded by the famous tech business magnate Simeon Ononobi (elevator pitch- MyAds is a location-based platform that displays discounted deals of businesses around you on your incoming call screen

well, jack ma said “what you do after work determines your future” and here’s what I do after work on weekdays

Disclaimer: please be aware that all these projects are not solely mine, there are other incredible humans who are pioneering these projects am just opportune and privilege to be in their team as a team member.

2. is a startup that provides Aerial reconnaissance(surveillance and inspection) using drones for power transmission companies, construction companies and telcos, currently in the pilot stage with an investment of up to a million naira and prefers to run its affairs privately(winks).

3. Paysense is an A.I chatbot that assists you to make payments and money transfers also gives you financial advisory services like possible investments, savings tips and a detailed account statement etc, this project won the first ever hackathon to be organised by a Nigerian bank and have a team of whiz kids like Theophilus Omeregbee, one of the best(if not the best) full stack programmer in the country, Endurance Ekhoragbon a wicked and sick front end developer (OGA I DON MENTION YOUR NAME NOW HOPE YOU CAN STOP BEEFING ME LOL) and Blessing Odeleye bad ass animator, motion graphic designer and illustrator, the bot is still a prototype and working on it as an after work project.

4. an on-demand platform that connects photographers with users who needs photographers for their white wedding, traditional wedding and prewedding events, it is still in the pipeline founded by a budding photographer friend of mine who is a professional photographer with over 7 years of experience in the photography industry

5. D’papa supermart(name inspired by a line in Bad & boujee song by migos ft. Lil uzi vert) lol oh that’s my mum grocery shop, really want to revamp and turn it into a hybrid of a mobile supermart(distributes groceries to smaller shops and kiosks around portharcourt)and physical supermart

6. In Al Pacino voice:”Say hello to my little friend!” D’Real Steven Nwadike blog courtesy of Medium blogging platform inspired by the burning desire to express myself, be free and release all my inner feelings, fears, achievements,inspirations, aspirations and motivate fellow millennials(uhmm ok these are youths between the age of 18–34 who might fall sick if they don’t have access to the internet for 24 hours).

OK folks here you have it, these are my six life projects, also thanks to my fam at oregun who gave me free electricity, the internet and whose bed I’m lying on to write this piece.