Building Creative Teams without Your Gut
Nick Dazé

Nick, thanks for putting this together and thanks for sharing and thanks for inviting others to riff on it. I love that this feels like an out of the box tool our creative teams can use to MRI our creative overlaps and underlaps.

As a marketing/creative team org development designer, (we modernize marketing and creative departments within companies) I can see the power in this tool to help org’s determine skills and capabilities gaps in the present. However, and most awesomely, I can see how a set of tools like this can help org’s plan for modernizing the talent portion of their future ecosystem. I can also see how a toll set just like this could be used (I feel like this article could help me do it this evening) to map competitive patterns to help in recruiting creative and engineering talent.

I love all your minds. Great job putting this together. It, itself, has unicorn characteristics.

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