A 36-Point Comparison of 24 Outbound Sales Tools

Can we meet for a coffee?

This is the subject line of an email I have sent more than 200 times this year as I’ve reached out to request meetings. This has been my first experience in outbound sales (a new part of my role) so I’ve been reading up on how to do it well and researching tools that can help.

Prospect is the first tool I’ve given a good go — using it to find leads, create templates, automate email campaigns and report on engagement. Once se-up it has been a huge time-saver and provided some helpful insights — for example, just over two-thirds of recipients are opening my email, and one-quarter are replying (and most are agreeing to meet!).

There are many different tools available to help with outbound marketing and sales activities — how do you choose the best one for your context?

Here’s table I’ve just completed to help us both compare 24 tools to power our outbound sales activities.

This is the second instalment in my series of marketing comparison tables — the first was A 30-Point Comparison of 35 Email Marketing Tools.

In this table you’ll see 36 comparison points, including:

  • Pricing.
  • Compatibility with various email providers (Gmail, Office 365, etc.).
  • Integrations (e.g. Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, etc.).
  • Functionality (e.g. templates, multiple senders, scheduling, A/B testing, etc.).

You can explore the table here.

The Surprise

One thing that has really surprised me is how difficult it has been to get a response from many of the providers. I wanted to confirm with each provider that what I had written was correct — and I emailed each of them to double-check. However:

  • 3 of these providers had no means of contacting them (hard to believe, I know), and
  • 10 of the 24 providers has not replied to my email despite me contacting most of them 2 weeks ago and sending at least one follow-up email.

Unfortunately, this is means that the table isn’t as complete as I would like it to be. I’ll have more to say on this next week.

The Positive

That said, of those that did reply the support was excellent! In particular, I’d like to mention and thank:

One last time — here’s the table.


  1. The prices are in US$ unless stated otherwise.
  2. The price comparisons are a guide — some providers also offer discounts for pre-paying for 6 or 12 months, and others might charge more to use some premium features.
  3. Every effort has been made to provide accurate details (including contacting each provider). If something is missing or incorrect, let me know and I’ll fix it up.
  4. Thanks again to Clearbit for saving me a lot of time with their free logo API.