I am very sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.
Anastasiya Mozgovaya

Thank u for ur response, end of the month, is so long, she knows that a day without her for me is like years. I know I need to let her be free so she will then feel the space and then come back. Although she sends me pictures and respond to my messages, but I just felt odd, and strange of all things. I became restless as to finding out why. And how come. I must be positive I know. If not I would have given up a long time ago. I do hope things will be different than now, I do hope it will be sooner than month end, I also hope that this will be a good reward! For the both of us, only hope isn’t enough. Strength and will power i need, we need. I miss her so much she would not believe. Even myself. Never mind bout being shy or what. Please I hope she would just show up and tell me all about it asap…. The pain is only getting worse, I need her and I feel she needs me too…

Still waiting for the love.

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