Is it true that Google, Facebook, and others can already full exploit our data in the way that the…
Todd Olson

It’s my understanding that while Google and Facebook both are legally permitted to create policies to sell customer data to the highest bidder, they emphatically don’t. In fact, here’s Facebook making a direct pledge: “No, we don’t sell any of your information to anyone and we never will.” Google’s information page on how ads work is headlined: “We do not sell your personal information to anyone.” Pretty clear.

Both these companies see their platforms as the end game, where all that data (both internal and stuff they buy from others) is used to target advertising to the most appropriate (and valuable) users. So when GOPs talk of making a level playing field for internet services and carriers, it’s nonsense. Facebook and Google, believing that they need consumer trust, make it an issue that they don’t sell your information. The Comcasts, Verizons, Time-Warners, and AT&T of the world make donations to Congress because they obviously want to do just that. And it worked!

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