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Steven Levy is looking for a great tech writer

In just a few months, Backchannel has made its mark as a source of fascinating tech stories that you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet. We’ve tried hard to live up to our “Muffin-Top Journalism” manifesto: only the good stuff. Now we’re looking for a great full-time staff writer to help take us to the next level.

We need someone with a deep knowledge of the tech world, an insatiable curiosity, relentless reporting drive, instinctive story sense and a flair for writing that’s the envy of your peers.

Darren Hull

You’ll be working with Steven Levy — our editor in chief and chief writer — as well as with Sandra Upson, our executive editor. Your voice, along with Steven’s, will be an integral part of Medium’s foray into quality tech writing. You’ll be based in Medium’s San Francisco office.

Since Backchannel strives to do only unique, compelling and meaningful stories, you’ll get a chance to dive deep, get to know your subjects, and have room to explain the intricacies of your subject — all in a way that keeps readers scrolling for more. Your long-form stories will be the definitive take on a subject.

Here’s what you won’t be doing at Backchannel: Rewriting stories from other publications. “Weighing in” on the story du jour even though you don’t have a unique and fascinating take on it. Publishing something every day.

Here’s what you will be doing at Backchannel: Reporting fresh stories that no one else is doing. Or, if it’s a subject that others have covered, reporting the hell out it for the deepest dive yet. You will break more than your share of news, but getting there first isn’t enough for us — we want our stories to be the ones people turn to on a given subject months and even years after publication. And your shorter articles will shine because of your distinctive voice and your dead aim at what’s meaningful about a topic.

We welcome interest from those whose bylines are already well-known, and want to concentrate on simply writing great stories. But we also want to hear from those who will be the next great bylines in tech journalism — those whose ambitions are as big as ours at Medium and Backchannel.

Apply here!

Darren Hull
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