Reno, a college town.

From the campus, all the way down, a few University of Nevada, Reno students, explain why Reno, is indeed, a college town.

“UNR President, Marc Johnson, has made turning Reno into a college town, a key component of his administration. According to some UNR students, the potential for his vision, lies in the school’s education, campus, and surrounding culture.”

“My freshman year of college, I decided to go to UNLV, but once I saw the opportunities that were available at UNR, I immediately made the switch. Ever since i’ve come up here, i’ve really loved the tier one education, that I have experienced, and I am able to say I go to a tier one university.”

“I really enjoy how much nature is on our campus. If you’ve had a rough day, you can go sit by the quad, you can go sit by the lake, you can enjoy the springtime air, and it will feel nice.”

“So near the campus, I really like how there’s restaurants, and bars, I just really like exploring that, so the Wal is pretty fun. It’s a college town, so I get to meet all my friends there, and get drinks, and then I like the restaurants in midtown a lot, they’re really cute, they have good food, good service, you know, they have fun experiences downtown. I like the art shows, the festivals they have down there, especially the Italian festival, it’s, I like it, I like it.”