The Constant Struggle

I am not sure what to do.

I was so sure that attending a web developing boot-camp was going to the be the right thing for me. But I am seriously starting to question this decision. Maybe I am not as analytical as I thought, maybe I am a little bit more creative, or maybe I am just not smart enough.

Either way I feel stuck. I have taken out this bitch of a student loan to pay for this boot-camp and now thinking of wanting to quit or at least transfer over to a web designer tract that has more of a design / UX focus. However, I will still have to learn programming which is what I am having the hardest time with.

On top of all this flooding my mind, I was accepted to attend a once in a lifetime portfolio showcase for photographers in Montana that I will be attending. Who knows what could come from this. Possibly land connections to start photographing for Patagonia, Collective Quarterly or even Time Magazine.

I am so tired of being unsure of myself and my capabilities. I guess I just need a kick of some confidence.

Ok, depressing rant over.