Mundane Grace
Jonas Ellison

To fully experience that mundane grace you speak of, I always have to allow myself the full feeling of anger, resentment or whatever… If I don’t, then it keeps continually rearing up it’s ugly head, interrupting the grace that follows. Dwelling, bathing in, feeding and responding in those feelings is dangerous, harmful and hurtful, like all other sin. I usually need to get to the root of why these feelings are bombarding me. You know, it’s probably not the money, it’s more what you later figured out… the expectations, the “I told you so”, the “I’m not good enough” you seem to carry around, like we all do. We often measure all that with $$$$ hard currency. That’s on us. The feelings and my responses (often my sin) comes from the root problem, not just the last straw which happened to free-fall on the pile. I work very hard to get to that deep place once a month when I prepare to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It keeps those inner things from preventing that free-flow of grace… Peace and All Good, my friend!

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