We had pulled our pop up camper behind the Chevy Astro van, all the way from home to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. After a few days camping at the highest elevation campground, we broke camp in the predawn darkness to drive and camp the remainder of the week in southern Colorado. Thick fog blanketed the entire area we camped at all the way from around 10,000' where we had camped to the base of the mountains. We drove slowly and carefully, but were never really scared or worried. After a long day driving all the way to Pueblo and then back because the Pueblo campground was like camping in a desert field… rattlesnakes and all, we drove the ascent back to our original camp sight that evening. By now the fog was gone and the treacherous road scared the bejeebers out of my wife and I. When we couldn’t see what we were up against, it wasn’t so bad. But what the clear daylight revealed, was almost more than we bargained for.

In our mass readings today (TOB 11:5–17, MK 12:35–38) Tobit has his eyes healed with the fish gall, he and his wife reunite with their son, they meet his new wife, and his son brought home money that will sustain the family. Tobit’s friends and neighbors rejoice with him over his blindness being cured. In our Gospel, Jesus tries to open the eyes of His followers by explaining some brief scriptures about how the Christ could be the son of David. He delighted the crowds, but the Scribes were apparently not amused. Jesus was in the PROCESS of revealing Himself and His mission to the Jewish people, with the Scribes and Pharisees being the most obstinate.

Sometimes it benefits us to be in the dark…like me driving down a dangerous mountain road and not being able to see the cliffs and heights I was clinging to. The Scribes and Pharisees wanted to not believe and understand what Jesus was explaining, because it would upset the entire economy of their faith and life existence. Many people around us are the exact same way. If we accept Jesus as Lord and God, we have some very difficult decisions to make in our lives. No longer can we be hedonistically selfish, because Jesus told us to “feed the hungry”, “clothe the naked” and “love one another”. No longer can we be master of our own lives and just do as we please because Jesus commands us to “follow me”. No longer can we just try to compartmentalize our faith lives because Jesus commands us to “go therefore and make disciples of the whole world, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. Just as Tobit’s eyes were headed, Jesus healed the blind and Jesus tried to open the eyes of the learned to the meaning of the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes in faith and a response is required… or we can pretend to go through this life blind, pretending so well in fact that we even fool ourselves into darkness for eternity. Peace and All Good, my friends!