Writing a reflection/meditation daily has become quite an undertaking. I’ve been doing it for about three years now! It started at the prompting of my friend and spiritual director Fr. Gary Berhardt OFM, who did it in a blog entitled “Coffee with Jesus”. Fr. Gary drowned in a tragic fishing accident and I sort of picked up the torch. Been doing it ever since… I never imagined it to be so taxing, so liberating or me even feeling like someone is waiting on or dependent on me, and feeling responsibility towards them… It is incorporated into my daily prayer regime, and takes about an hour or so to write, edit, post, etc.. What that doesn’t include is the time in meditation and thought prior to beginning to key…

Sometimes as I listen to and read the daily mass readings an image comes immediately to mind. Sometimes it’s a thought. Sometimes it’s a feeling. Sometimes it happens in one big flash of insight and other times it takes a deliberate development of thought, logic and theology. Sometimes my memories and perceptions are quite different from other people in the stories I relate. Just remember, our own individual perception is our own reality…not wrong perhaps, but different.

Some days, in fact most days, by that evening, I can’t even remember what that day’s post was about. For me, it’s about an awareness and openness to the Spirit, to faith, to life, to memories, to lessons missed and lessons learned, to applying gospel to life and life to the gospel, and it has developed into a necessary outlet for me.

I believe that God is interacting in, with and through us way more than we ever think or dream of. As I have become more immersed in the Spirit, I have been allowed to glimpse God’s immersion in and around us in all creation and circumstance. This is the world I/we live in, and the sooner we come to peace with this, the more peacefully we can exist within it.

I love reading and interacting with serious comments. My part is hopefully the beginning of a conversation…between you and God, you and others, and maybe you and me. I love being a part of that. Thanks for allowing me to be so. Peace and All Good, my friends!