3 Things To Do If You Have A WordPress Website

We all know the power of building our website on WordPress, yet we often forget to to create a foundation for our website that will configure it to be long-term oriented and stand zeh test of time!

With that said, here are three things you should consider implementing into your WordPress website:

1. Security

I’m still MINDBLOWNN by how many people do not implement security onto their website. All it takes is one malicious PHP or JavaScript snippet, or one crack at their wp-admin login account and that beautiful asset will go downn. This is why I highly recommend implementing security. Plugins like iThemes Security or the Sucuri Suite provide wonderful security against the latest cybersecurity. Of course, as with all things, installing these plugins is half the battle. You must also know how to configure it and properly set it up to give you a holistic cybersecurity.

2. Safeguard protocols

This goes in line with #1, but you need to think about your backup plan. Do you have protocols in place in the event of website hack? What would you do if someone managed to get into your admin dashboard and deleted all your content. Sound safeguard protocols ensure that you are always prepared and can always get back on your feet if something happens to your digital asset. Things like a regular backup routine, a website analysis for viruses and malware, and user account management check ensuring that no user account has more access than they should, are tedious, but will pay off in the long haul.

3. Basic Search Engine Optimization and Google Webmasters setup

I’m still mindblown by how many websites do not do the basic groundwork for SEO; How good are you with the search engines? Have you submitted a sitemap that gives the updated version of your website architecture so that search engine robot helpers (called crawlers) can better help your content be referenced and found? It’s small, basic things like this that not help you be more search-friendly, but it also help you increase ranking among search results, so make sure to care of that.

Taking care of these 3 things will enable your website to be robust, protected, and visible so I highly recommend you get on it!