Qualities of a Technical Culture for Modern Software Enterprises

If you were building an organizational culture from scratch to compete in today’s software industry, what pillars would you establish as the foundation for your success? Who would you hire? How would your organization work together? How would you enable your employees? …

While organizational cultures come in many shapes and sizes, over the years it has become evident that filtering away some of the less important idiosyncrasies of successful software enterprises reveals more similarities than differences in culture.

The Technical Culture for Software Enterprises Pyramid below summarizes what is likely to be true for high performing organizations. The pyramid is a quick way to wrap one’s head around what it might look like to be a high performer. Its purpose is also to be inspirational, offering a vision for what a new organization might want to become as it matures or what an established organization might hope to evolve to as part of a transformational change journey.

The framework organization below is based on John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

Technical Culture for Software Enterprises Pyramid
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