4 Reasons Why Millennials Don’t Want To Climb The Corporate Ladder

Steven Phoenix
Jan 20, 2017 · 4 min read
David Marcu ( dmarcu.com)

In modern society, mostly everything is in constant and fast change. Businesses grow. Cities grow. But do careers grow?

Nowadays the dream of the corporate ladder is becoming so light that we’re all on the verge of waking up completely to reality. Millennials, for example, are changing their minds towards what they really want in life in regards to their profession. Spending decades after a promotion or a better position within the company is something people nowadays don’t have the time, motivation or patience for. We’re in such a fast paced society that everything we acquire reaches our door in a relatively short time. Dating, eating, job searching, everything is so close, easy and practical that lack of patience is becoming inherent among everyone. This is creating a sense of entitlement and confidence that though annoying for some while having small talk at a Cafe, it also gives Millennials the motivation and determination they need to push forward to the next step in their professional life.

Here are 4 reasons why millennials don’t see the corporate ladder as something worth climbing.

Why climb a ladder when you can go up with the elevator

Millennials are motivated and eager to make an impact. But they don’t want to use the same formula everybody else has been using for the past hundreds of years. Technology has made these young workers, impatient in both a good and a bad sense. They don’t want to steal your job or reach a higher position than you. At least not in the traditional way. The newest generation to reach adulthood is decided on making a difference and adding value to everything we know, as recent studies show. Over 70% of millennials want to either start up their own companies or just work on their own projects. This can potentially be because of the technological impact the media is having in their development. Everything can be customized and adapted to their needs. If they can decide and target everything they want to stream, eat and order online, their jobs shouldn’t be any different. The downside of it? Growing a company to immediate success takes time, and not everyone is Mark Zuckerberg to take shortcuts.

They don’t want to waste time climbing up the wrong wall

As they’ve learned from the boomers, being a workaholic demands all of your time and dedication. Millennials don’t want to do that unless success is guaranteed. The saying: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” takes a total entrepreneurial meaning for them. Sticking to the same job for decades is something they have no interest on. In fact, studies show that on average, no millennial stays at their job for longer than a year. On the other hand, however, they have a much higher amount of parallel jobs compared to its predecessor. Thanks to services like the Internet, such thing is possible without losing your mind. Another great advantage? Faster rewards, faster development, and faster career growth.

They’re not scared to start again

Unlike the previous generation, sticking to a stable job to ensure the well-being of the household is not one of the millennials’ priorities. A well-known fact is the low marriage rates, only showing that the old dreams of having a family, though still being present in their minds, doesn’t overtake the dream of doing something they like, and getting paid for it. This also means that if they aren’t professionally satisfied they won’t hesitate to drop their job and go after better alternatives.

Millennials know the world needs their creativity and their futuristic views. So in the end, when they’re having interviews, they know both sides have something very valuable to offer. The scenario where the interviewer had the upper hand is now fading into oblivion as the young generation takes over everything with their nomad spirit, cutting edge gadgets and above all: coffee.

They expect fast and effective results

With their entrepreneurial spirit, they grew up thinking anything was possible. Now that they’re professionals and seem entitled to the older generation. Their fast-paced attitude expects results soon and that might not be necessarily a bad thing. They move at the same speed the world does. They also improve and develop their ideas with the same tempo. Advancing throughout the market while getting quick feedback, allows them to move forward and higher at a faster rate than any other previous generation. Why spend your whole life after a promotion within the same old company when you can do everything right away by yourself?

Millennials thrive on leaving their print on the world, and achieving that requires hard work and dedication. But for them, none of that comes out of a generic average 8–5 job. It comes out of the experience they acquire in life. They don’t want to be just another name on the payroll, or more poetically “another brick in the wall”. They want to take over the world, and with their forward thinking and futuristic views, they’re doing it. They’re constantly nurturing their knowledge out of experiences. The corporate ladder seems unnecessary and their views oversee much further perspectives than one single old ladder can offer.

It’s a tough time for the old generation since Millennials went into the market.Offering good engaging and motivating jobs is what will drive the whole company towards success. If they don’t feel stimulated enough, they might just go ahead and start up bolder, stronger and more modern companies that will compete and win the race.

Steven Phoenix

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